Treatment of oily skin in winter and tips for taking care of it

The skin is exposed to many factors that affect its beauty and overall freshness, such as sunlight or cold air currents.

Which leads to cracking or drying of the skin, so you have to take care of your skin carefully especially in winter.

All skin types are affected by changes in weather, but oily skin in winter is exposed to many problems, which are detailed in the article.

Winter effect on the skin

oily skin in winter - Winter effect on the skin

Winter causes a lot of damage to the skin, including peeling, cracking, or even eczema, which is a type of skin inflammation. Any type of skin begins to dry, when you try to warm it.

Oily skin

oily skin in winter - Oily skin

Oily skin is different from other skin types. It consists of a fatty layer, which protect the skin  against bumps, allergies, germs and weather fluctuations such as cold and humidity.

It also protects against peeling and drying, as well as it helps in avoiding acid and alkaline damage.

This fatty layer also prevents the appearance of harmful fungi. In addition to giving the body vitamin D.

In the case of active sebaceous gland secretions, a huge amount of fat appears in some areas rich in glands such as the face, chest, buttocks, underarms and shoulders.

Oily skin needs continuous care, as it is always shiny due to the secretion of oils and fats in abundance, and the ratio of oils changes seasonally.

The oily skin is different from the different skin typesthat it takes longer time to appear wrinkles on the skin than other skin types.


Treatment of dry oily skin in winter

oily skin in winter - Treatment of dry oily skin in winter


If you want to avoid dryness of oily skin in winter,  and make sure of its freshness and softness. You should stay away from soap and chemicals when cleaning oily skin, as soap is considered an enemy of the skin during winter, especially the one contains the scented substances that destroy skin cells and contribute to the elimination of natural oils in the skin and increase dryness.

Oily skin must be moisturized in winter after cleaning it immediately. Rich moisturizers containing vitamin E, fatty acids and glycerol are recommended.

It is also recommended to choose a natural foundation cream, to preserve the skin.

Or you can use a foundation cream that contains natural substances, which in turn maintain the natural oils in the skin and give it softness and natural look. You have to use sunblock daily in winter.


Oily skin care in winter

oily skin in winter - Oily skin care in winter

Oily skin needs good care especially in winter, and can be maintained and taken care of by many guidelines and tips that can be done.

At the beginning, the skin must be peeled to maintain healthy skin.

A regular skin care routine can be used with a suitable skin peeler containing vitamin E.

Peeling is recommended twice a week for effective and amazing results. Avoid using petroleum jelly on your face or lips, replace it with lip balm made from natural ingredients to treat lip cracks.

Drink enough water during the day to help keep your skin hydrated and get rid of toxins and accumulated bacteria in the body.

Make sure to buy liquid or cream-free foundation creams, but with a water base.

Regular use of cosmetics containing natural oils can damage the skin, so choose products that have a long-lasting effect.

It is preferable to use soft towels after washing the face, to make sure it doesn’t cause skin damage and irritation.

Apply a daily routine to oily skin. One of the most important things to do is to clean the skin with toner and moisturizer.

But make sure to use skin lotion and Toner with a water base, because it is more suitable for oily skin.


Natural recipes for moisturizing oily skin in winter

oily skin in winter - Natural recipes for moisturizing oily skin in winter

There are some natural recipes that can be used to moisturize oily skin in winter, including a facial mask to restore the vitality and freshness of oily skin, and healthy appearance.

Facial Mask

It is prepared with a mixture of cucumber, a few slices of avocado, egg whites and milk powder.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until it is soft, and put it on the face with a circular motion, then leave it for half an hour, then wash it with cool water.

Emery of the skin

Two tablespoons of soft oatmeal can be mixed with a tablespoon of avocado pieces and a teaspoon of honey.

Combine these ingredients well until you get a thick consistency.

Put it with a circular motion on a face moistened with water, then leave it for 20 minutes then wash it with warm water.

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