The Different Skin Types: How to determine the skin type and take care of it?

People are always puzzled when determining the type of their skin, especially when buying cosmetics and skin care.
There are different skin types, such as normal skin, oily, dry, complex and sensitive.

The skin can change from one type to another over time. This article offers the different skin types and ways to identify and take care of them.


Specific factors for each skin type

There are many factors that can identify and determine the different skin types, for example the percentage of water which affects the elasticity of the skin, and the percentage of oils produced by the skin, and the extent of the sensitivity of the skin.


Oily skin

This type of skin is characterized by the secretion of many oils and fats, which lead to a set of characteristics of people with oily skin, including the glossy appearance of the skin, large pores, skin thickness, the emergence of blackheads and white alike, and also the break out of acne and pimples.

There are a number of reasons that lead to the appearance of oily skin, such as a defect in the body hormones, stress, hot weather accompanied by high humidity, and some types of cosmetics and also there is the genetic factor.


Dry skin

Dry skin produces less fat, which means a decrease in the natural fat needed to maintain skin moisture, leading to dry skin.

This type of skin is characterized by small, somewhat invisible, rough-skinned, red spots on the skin, in addition to wrinkles and fine lines.

The causes of dry skin appear to be the loss of a lot of water from skin cells due to exposure to hot weather or stress, physical activity, lack of natural moisturizing factors such as amino acids and lactic acid. Age and genetic factors also cause dry skin, and also bathing with hot water for a long time, or using some medicines and cosmetics.


Normal skin

People with this skin type are lucky because this is one of the best skin types. It is often the people who have good health and nutrition and who exercise regularly who have normal skin.

It is characterized by its balanced properties between dry and greasy, and  also characterized by being free of pores and wide circulation, and free of acne and pimples, it is basically good soft pink skin . Regular skin does not require intensive care.

All you have to do with this type of skin is a little care, such as washing it every evening with water and soap suitable for normal skin and  moisturizing it once a week.


Mixed or compound skin

Is one of the different skin types and is mixed between the dry and the oily skin. The concentrated fatty part is usually in the area of the forehead, nose and chin, which forms the letter "T", while the dry part is in the cheeks.

The complex skin has pores slightly larger than normal skin pores, blackheads and a glossy look.


Sensitive skin

This type of skin is characterized by rapid redness and inflammation, usually sensitive skin is dry and thin. People with this type of skin are always suffering from itching.


The guaranteed way to determine the skin type accurately

The different skin types can be told apart in an easy and guaranteed way. Simply wash the face thoroughly with water and facial wash, then dry it with a soft, clean towel and leave it for an hour without putting any lotion or makeup on it.

Then, using a soft tissue, press all areas of the face from the forehead and nose to the cheeks and chin. Examine the tissue if there are traces of oils and fats on it, then you own oily skin.

If the effects of fat are on specific areas such as nose, forehead and chin, your skin is a complex type of skin.

But if there are no traces of fat on the tissue and it is completely dry with some white crusts, this is a sign of dry skin. While if the tissue is completely clean and free of fat and peels, you have a normal skin.


How to take care of the different skin types?

Here are some tips for taking care of the different skin types for men or women. People with oily skin should use cleansers that do not contain oils or fat, and also do not clog the skin pores.

People with dry skin should use mild cleansers rather than soap twice a day. And People with complex skin need to use cleansers that do not dry the skin twice a day.

While people with sensitive skin need to use cleansers once a day but be sure that these cleansers are free of alcohol, soap and essential oils.

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