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General Dentistry is a branch of medicine that comprises studying and treating the condition of the oral cavity and prevention of its diseases and disorders.

A dentist’s job includes using preventive healthcare and educating the patient about the best ways to prevent oral diseases and maintain a healthy smile.

Dentists are responsible for diagnosing the conditions that affect the health of the oral cavity, teeth and jaws and figure the perfect way to treat any disorders while considering the patient’s well being.

Generally, dentists do not focus on a certain specialization when it comes to oral cavity treatment and they can provide general teeth healthcare services. Sometimes, dentists can refer their patients to other dentists who are further specialized in certain subfields of dentistry when they cannot provide the best treatment possible for the patients’ conditions.

However, most dentists are capable of performing a thorough examination of the teeth and provide services of dental filling, cleansing, treating the nerves, and extracting and installing teeth.

General dentistry is preferably used in preventing the oral cavity diseases and disorders more than treating those diseases. This can be done through visiting your dentists twice a year to have a thorough examination to prevent any possible diseases or detect them in their early stages.

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