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Over the past 20 years tooth implantation has become a great substitution to other treatments for missing teeth. The diversity of available options in this field has a very high success rate.

Your dentist can evaluate your case and tell you if you are a good candidate for tooth implantation.

A Dental implant is a titanium tube fixed to the bone of the jaw to replace the missing root of the tooth, an artificial tooth is then added to the implant. The same dental implants can be used to fix dentures.

Most people with good jaw bone and gums can get dental implants, a CT scan can determine the eligibility of a patent for implants.

The pros of tooth implantation

In comparison with other methods like dentures we find that implants have several pros. First, they look much more natural and resemble natural teeth better. They also reduce jaw bone absorption which usually happens after losing teeth.

People who have used partial dentures and bridges before know very well how hard it is to have them fixed in place all the time, dental implants help attach dentures and stabilize them.

Moreover, implants preserve the adjacent teeth. Bridges are often attached to prepare adjacent teeth, this preparation sometimes hurts the tooth. Implants however are fixed directly to the jaw without any need to cause harm to existing teeth.

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