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What will you expect?

Tooth extraction is a regular procedure in any dentistry clinic. According to many centers, tooth extraction doesn’t incur any complications on long run. The procedure of extracting a tooth isn’t painful in itself if it was processed by an experienced dentist. It’s always a simple operation.

Reasons of tooth extraction

There are many reasons that make dentists advice to extract a tooth or more. One of the most common reasons is the severe decay of the tooth beyond protection or treatment. In this case, extraction is better to avoid inflammation and for the patient’s comfort.

The dentist also can decide to extract impacted teeth or those which are difficult to clean.

Removing the wisdom tooth is required sometimes to avoid dental congestion and inflammation in case it is misaligned.

Extraction Process

Tooth extraction process usually takes a couple of minutes. Teeth, gum, and bones surrounding the damaged tooth will be anesthetized locally before extraction.

Laughing gas can be used on worried patients, by start of extraction process, the patient shouldn’t feel any pain only pressure. In most cases, the dentist succeeds in extracting the tooth by applying slight pressure on clamps used in extracting without the need of any surgery.

General anaesthetic is rarely needed in some tooth extraction cases so the patient don’t feel or remember anything during the operation.

Post extraction treatment

After extraction the dentist will provide the patient with some instructions to take care of the injury. The instructions usually include placing a medical gauze on the injury for two hours to reduce bleeding.

The dentist can prescribe some medications to the patient to reduce the pain during the first days after extraction.

As long as the patient follows the instructions, the injury will be completely cured within weeks without any problems, complications, or inflammations.

To preserve chewing and for aesthetic aspect, the extracted tooth should be replaced with implanted one or a bridge.

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