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Habits picked up by children during their childhood are very important, they are considered very substantial for adolescence and adult phases. These habits include brushing teeth which will guarantee a long-term oral health.

Visiting the dentist for the first time

The first visit to the dentist should take place during the child’s first year which marks the onset of many teeth in the gum. It’s very important to make the first visit a good experience. The family should talk frankly and clearly about the dentist visit and they have to answer all questions.

All dentists are qualified to take care of kids’ teeth and cure it, however, it’s better to take children to a specialized pediatric dentist who is experienced in dealing with children, treatment procedures, and protection, in addition to experience in using laughing gas and general anesthetization of children.

It’s critical to choose the right doctor to protect and treat children’s teeth.

What to expect?

By age 3, children grow a set of 20 milk teeth. Babies are regularly born with these teeth in their mouths and after 6 months they start to emerge. Milk teeth start falling on age of six and until that time, they are subject to decay and caries.

Pediatric dentists examine milk teeth to check for caries or dead teeth, and to check also that each tooth is well aligned, healthy and sound. The checks take place upon a fixed schedule.

Important precautions

First: About using lollipops

Second: Avoid sending kids to bed with a bottle of milk or any sweet drink

Third: Using Fluoride-supported toothpaste before the age of two years

Your children cry on visits to dentists?

Taking care of children’s teeth is very important, even before their onset. Babies’ gums should be cleaned and softened on daily basis. Once emerged, milk teeth should be brushed twice per day. Brushing teeth with water instead of toothpaste is better for children below the age of two years old. It’s better to use toothpaste upon doctor’s instructions

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