Itchy Beard? Know the Reasons and learn the Methods of Treatment

Itchy Beard? Know the Reasons and learn the Methods of Treatment

Many young men today are growing their beards; as it is commonly believed that beards add a certain charm and attractiveness, and give youngsters a more masculine appearance. Sometimes this desire to grow their beards stems from their need to follow what the world's celebrities are doing. But many of these young men suffer from facial itching, especially itchy beard. This is due to many factors, including weather and dry skin.

The face is the most exposed part of the human body, and therefore it is permanently exposed to the external environment such as hot and cold weather and also to dust and microbes,  in addition to different types of substances that may cause skin irritation and itching.


Causes of Itchy Beard

Causes of Itchy Beard

There are many reasons to feel itchy, and the main reason is shaving, as the use of the blade in the razor causes the scratching and irritation of the skin. Dry skin also often feels itchy and irritated.

The use of toiletries, such as shampoo and shaving soap for instance, that contain chemicals  can irritate the skin too causing itching. Dermatitis or any type of fatty eczema, can lead to irritation of the skin and itching.

Also, the face is always exposed to dirt and microbes scattered in the atmosphere, which works to stimulate itchy beard.


Treatment Methods of Itchy Beard and Skin

Treatment Methods of Itchy Beard and Skin

You can get rid of itchy beard and treat it in simple and easy ways to avoid the annoying itching that may cause you embarrassment in front of others.

First, keep your face clean and wash your beard thoroughly to prevent accumulation of bacteria and dirt within the hair. Use warm water, not too hot or too cold, with the suitable soap for your skin.

When washing the beard it is advised not to use shampoo except only once a week, because it dries the natural oils, you can replace it with conditioner, as it is more moisturizing for the hair.

Using beard oils and creams ensures that there is no itching and protects the skin from redness. You should also avoid the use of hair dryer as it harms the skin and causes itching.

Eating healthy food is a good and beneficial practice for overall health, not only for the heart and vital organs, but also for the health of the skin and hair, including the beard.

Taking care of your diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining your physical health. You can add natural hair growth supplements such Biotin to your diet, it contains various vitamins such as E, C and B6, which work to improve the quality of hair growth, as well as promote the production of sebum, a natural oil produced by the body to moisturize the hair.

Make sure you get vitamin A and B, because it helps improve the skin, and also builds new skin cells. Omega-3 fatty acids help protect cell membranes that prevent the beard from drying.


Natural recipes that treat itchy beards

Natural recipes that treat itchy beards

There are plenty of natural recipes that can be used to treat itchy beard. These recipes can be used according to skin type.

Aloe Vera  is a natural ingredient that helps to get rid of itching and inflammation, because it contains natural substances that are soothing the skin, especially pure gel, so make sure that it contains nothing else.

You can also take advantage of the antioxidants found in lemon to get rid of itching and skin redness.

Shea butter is a natural skin moisturizer, because it contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, as well as plant nutrients that protect the skin from damage and ultraviolet radiation.

And also the use of some natural oils, such as jojoba oil and coconut ensure the lack of itching.

Chamomile contains oils that treat allergy, which helps to eliminate the problem of itching skin.
Eating honey on a daily basis, especially in the morning, helps reduce the sensitivity of itchy beard.

Oatmeal also reduces the itching and moisturizes the skin and reduces its sensitivity. It can be used as a facial wash for the chin area.


Quick ways to cure itching

Quick ways to cure itchingIf you feel severe itching and can not help it, here are some quick things you can do to treat severe itching or to calm it down a bit.

One of the simplest methods is cold water, when you feel itchy you can wash your face with cold water, because cold helps to get rid of itching and scratching. Or you can use a wet towel or some ice cubes and place them on the itchy beard.

Some anti-itching creams containing menthol, or phenol, can also be used to control the itching.

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