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Al Qimma clinic was established in 2017 in Dhahran after extensive research and study on how to best provide the best dental health care according to the latest developments in the field.
This is not just advertising, the clinic has invested in the latest technology and state of the art machines to provide the best care possible for our patients. We were careful to choose the best available technology that causes the least amount of pain to patients, as this has always been the main barrier between people and dentists. Most people carry a lot of resentment towards dentistry because the old treatments used to cause a lot of pain.

This is why we at Al Qimma were keen to choose the best available technology that does not leave the patient in pain after treatment.

We also strive to provide the best treatment for kids. We know very well how most kids are scared of going to dentists as they fear they might be subjected to pain.

Here are Al Qimma we try to build trust with the children. When they know for a fact that they will not be in pain they will be more willing to cooperate and visit the clinic.

Moreover, the clinic provides the best whitening treatments and the latest Hollywood Smile technology available in the field.

And because Al Qimma staff of dentists and consultants are the best in their arena, the clinic has built a great reputation and lot of trust among patients.

We strive to reach the top with you, welcome to our clinic.



Our Mission

Providing the best medical care services to meet the patient's expectations and demands. With our unique and well-experienced teamwork and medical staff, we strive in Al Qemah to offer convenient medical care that suits our patient using the best medical techniques and the latest technologies in this arena.

Our Vision

To be the top dentistry clinic in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia offering the best medical care and treatment services of all kinds.

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