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As a part of Al Qimmah Clinics aspirations of offering all medical, cosmetic, and orthodontic services to their patients using the latest technologies, it brought all special equipment needed for curing and beautifying teeth. To make the patients’ visit to the centre really comfortable, the centre is keen on delivering the best for its customers to achieve their wishes of having healthy, strong, shiny, and more specifically beautiful teeth in moderate costs that don’t overburden them. We aim to be the best clinic complex specializing in dental and laser treatments in Dhahran, Al Khobar and the Eastern Region in general

What we do

Dental Treatments and Implanting
Laser Clinic
Orthodontist and Cosmetology
Dermatology and Beauty Clinic

Our Clinics

Meet our doctors

  • Fadel Alalawi

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  • Dr.Hasan Khalaf

    Dermatology Specialist
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  • Dr. Ghada Fathy

    Consulting Dialectics and Beauty
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  • Dr. Hassan Sadek

    Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
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