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Teeth stains are inevitable because of the continuous consumption of foods and drinks that can easily cause stains (soda, coffee, etc).

Nowadays, dental technological advances allowed the doctors to whiten teeth without any harmful side effects on it or their structure.

All the teeth whitening methods usually have the same concept and mechanism with some of them being more effective than the others because of the method through which the whitening materials get activated and the condensation of this material. This leads to achieving results that are lower than the patient’s expectations.

There are two teeth whitening methods:

  1. In-office teeth whitening: this is the most effect method and there are many ways this method is applied but they are all similar since they all use the same mechanism. With this method, you can get perfect white teeth within only one session at your dentist’s clinic.
  2. Whitening trays: in this method, the dentist measures the dimensions of the patient’s teeth based on which a laboratory manufactures trays for the patients. The patient then takes those trays along with a special whitening gel and start wearing it for a couple of hours each day till they get good results.

Having sensitive tooth is a normal side effect of teeth whitening and it is temporary most of the time.

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